Turji Hideout’s Raid and ‘Intelligence’ Services

Turji Hideout’s Raid and ‘Intelligence’ Services

By Mukhtar Ya’u Madobi –

It was on Saturday, September 17, 2022 that PRNigeria broke the scintillating news of how the gallant air component of Nigerian military bombarded the enclave of the notorious bandits’ warlord, Bello Turji, using multiple air strikes.

The ‘surprise attack’ of the military troops on Fakai area, believed to be the residence of the dreaded Turji was carried out by two Nigerian Air Force, NAF, fighter jets, upon receiving credible intelligence.

However, the bandits kingpin, Turji, was able to escape by the whiskers and avoided the onslaught, while members of his terror syndicate were not lucky, as it was confirmed that plenty of them were neutralized by the strikes.

Lately, Nigerian troops and other security forces have intensified their efforts against Counter-Insurgency and Counter-terrorism across various theatres of wars in the country.

While commending the Nigerian Armed Forces for this gallantry, however, there is need to question the military’s intelligence network system which may be the reason why Turji was able to escape the offensiveness.

This question was raised because, reports indicated that some few minutes to launching the aggressive attack, Turji received credible information which ultimately gave him and some of his few gang members the opportunity to flee their camp.

To that effect, the question begging for an answer is how Turji got intelligence about the imminent attack and who were the culprits responsible for alerting him about such impending danger that was projected to befall him?

It can be recalled that in May 2022, the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), General Lucky Irabor, raised an alarm about the possible presence of fifth columnists within the Nigerian military. Irabor decried how their conspiracies have been creating problems for the troops on various occasions.

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He made the comment following the suicide committed by Jibrin, a Nigerian Army Lance Corporal, and instructor with the Nigerian Army Special Forces in Geidam, Yobe State, who was exposed as a Boko Haram agent and collaborator.

The soldier was arrested by a covert intelligence Team for conniving with a confirmed terrorist informant known as Babagana Kura in Bama LGA, Borno State.

Recently, in September, the secret police in collaboration with local vigilante group arrested another soldier who is allegedly supplying guns and ammunitions to kidnappers in Abuja.

In other instances, two Nigerian soldiers, Sergeant Alhaji Oloche (05NA/56/1435) and CPL Namo Daniel (09NA/62/1097) attached to the Operation Yaki security outfit in Kaduna State, were arrested on March 2022 for alleged kidnapping.

Another soldier attached to Headquarters 1 Division of the Nigerian Army, Kaduna, PTE Danladi Hadau (20NA/79/4219), was arrested along with two vigilantes identified as Mustapha Kasim and Ibrahim Mohammed for collaborating with bandits.

They were arrested while attempting to collect ransom around Dumbi Dutse Road in Zaria after orchestrating the abduction of a resident of Dorayi village in Zaria Local Government Area of the state, Alhaji Lawal Ahmed on March 3, 2022.

However, the arrests of these personnel are indicative of inside action that has continued to aid the adversary, pertinently with immediate or potential impact on operations.

Their handiworks have been jeopardizing the success of military operations while at the same time exposing the entire troops to grievous danger.

Nevertheless, Nigerian military and intelligence services, particularly the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) need to seriously upgrade its intelligence network system and the capabilities. It should also addressing the unpatriotic leakages of sensitive information to aid the enemies.

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The citizens have not forgotten how poor intelligence network did not allow the entire security forces to avert national security breach when terrorists ransacked Kuje Medium Correctional Facility at the nation’s capital city in early July.

Credible intelligence network has over the years proven to be a veritable weapon of fight against terrorism and other criminal activities in the country. It is very vital as it ensure averting of emerging threats and host of security breaches aimed at enhancing national security.

Nigerian military cannot afford to continue losing its gallant men and women to non-state actors as a result of internal conspiracies and other informants living within civilian societies who often supply information to the terrorists regarding troops’ movements.

Therefore, there is a need for the military to sensitize its personnel on the implications of collaborating with enemies of the state, while taking appropriate actions that would forestall such incidents in future.

Mukhtar Ya’u Madobi is a Staff Writer with the Emergency Digest,he writes from Abuja.

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