PDP unable to resolve problem with Wike,Say Ortom

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The governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom, Monday asked the national secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to quickly resolve the crisis the party is having with governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike, in order to have a smooth sail in 2023.

The governor also said since the crisis in the party started, the national secretariat has failed to deploy its internal mechanism to solve the lingering problem.

Ortom, who was speaking while addressing an expanded PDP caucus meeting in Makurdi, noted that it would be unfortunate if the party undermined Governor Wike who had dedicated his resources in maintaining the party all these years.

“Injustice have been meted on my friend, Wike, and that should be corrected whether we like it or not.

“In politics, we don’t have to underrate anyone. One vote is capable of making you lose election.

“As stakeholders in the party, we were not happy at the outcome of what took place. As grown up, you cannot just dismiss us with a wave of hand and ask us to follow someone after injustice has been meted on us. “Politics is interest and we must know our stake. If you don’t, what will we come back to tell our people?

“If you dismiss us, we will certainly not be happy.

“So in my own opinion, these problems must be solved before we get to 2023 for smooth sail of the party at the polls,” he stated.

Commenting on the strength of the PDP in Benue, Governor Ortom said the APC has been de-marketed completely in Benue state.

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“As am talking to you, we have 26 members of assembly and within a short time from now, we will have all 32.

“During our primaries, we had some few problems mostly in other positions, but most of them have been resolved.”

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Musa Tanimu Nasidi
the authorMusa Tanimu Nasidi