Maigari of Lokoja : A Royal Icon with Exemplary Leadership Qualities

The Maigari of Lokoja, His Royal Higness Alh. Dr. Muhammadu Kabir Maikarfi |||, oon fksp does not proclaim that he is royal, his royalty proclaims him. Whenever I looked intently, I saw a very intensely young mind in an ageing body. I saw an ancient river renewing itself per second, flowing freely along its chosen course.

It is clear that age is just a number. The young should go to him and learn how to remain young and useful throughout life. A river does not get silted by the sheer length of its age. Manifest crap comes only with stagnancy.

Leadership is not in title no matter high sounding or revered the title may be. Ultimately, the true leader of the people is the one who serves his people by personal sacrifice and by the demonstration of personal conviction even to his own detriment.

The Maigari of Lokoja has in series of years, by words, deeds and personal sacrifice, demonstrated true leadership. He has time and time again stood on the side of the truth and personal conviction of what he thought best for the people of Lokoja. Among leaders, traditional leaders have a more profound role to play. The traditional leader is the true custodian of the moral essence of the people.

His installation as Maigari of Lokoja for the past 28 years was divine. Since then, he is committed to the upliftment of Lokoja values and tradition. Far and wide, he has revered; when people talk about Lakwaja ‘Garin Bature’, it revolves around his Highness.

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During his time, he has brought development to Lokoja and the traditional council of chiefs. His interventions on communal and traditional issues and maintenance of love and peace has become is way of live. No doubt, he is a pride to all of us and we are all so proud to flaunt him as a father and symbol the world all over.

Any attempt to laud his giant strides since his ascension to the throne will certainly fall short of his unequalled achievements but the level of development, peace and growth Lokoja town has experienced in the last 28 years is enough to paint an image of the way he has ruled.

Unlike some monarchs or emirs, he has always put the interest of the people above his, taking steps that will be of benefit to the town on all occasions.

His reign has not only brought stability, progress and development , it has fostered unity, love and hope in Lokoja and kogi in general. His fatherly role, wisdom and peaceful disposition has been quite inspiring. He is not just a custodian of our rich cultural values and tradition, but a lover of humanity and consummate religious man. His life is indeed very exemplary not only to the old generation, but to the Youth who have a lot to learn from his life of selfless service.

The way he bring together indigenes of the town under one umbrella, even when it looks impossible, to achieve a common provides an insight in his unrivalled ability to manage the affairs of his subjects.

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As our farher, we have witnessed first-hand level of intellectual dexterity he bring to fore in resolution of disputes and conflicts.

The level of development in Lokoja is a testament to how successful his reign as the Maigari of Lokoja has been.


He is an uncommon emir who makes decisions only when they will be beneficial to the majority of the populace. His drive for development of Lokoja and beyond is unwavering.

As your son, I have benefitted immensely from your wisdom and I am proud to say I have never regretted taking any step you have advised me to.

Bagadozhi! Bagadozhi!! Bagadozhi!!!

your ascension to the throne of your father, your exemplary life as a leader and father to all has always been something we are proud of.

As you continue to lead the people of Lokoja, may God bless and sustain you in Good health. I pray that you continue to do this in many more years to come and may you live for many more decades in unabated health and unending wealth.

Abbas Yahaya writes from Lokoja

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