Tribute to a worthy Friend and Confidant : Remembering Alhaji Ibrahim Dansabe

By Aminu Isa

Early this morning I received a call from my brother announcing the death of Alh. Danasabe a brother and a close family friend.

By Providence, I happened to be very close to Alh. Danasabe because of my addiction to newspaper reading early in my childhood. Alh. Dansabe is news freak and always have current newspapers and Magazine especially the now rested Hotline Magazine. I will consider him among those who mentored me in a way.

He was to later influence my desires to further my studies at ABU Zaria after he had introduced me to one of the Son of late Chief Abu Egbunu who was then a student at the faculty of Administration ,ABU-,Kongo campus, Zaria. He saw in me the potentials of one that will excel academically.

When eventually I gained admission in Zaria where he was schooling then at Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic, Zaria, He moved over to my place at Kongo where we stayed together in a room with my very good friends Franklin Aduku Adamu and Emmanuel Enefola who in spite of not knowing him before easily accepted him because of his friendly disposition. Alhaji , Alhaji ,they will fondly call him.

Fast forward to when he later gained employment into the Nigerian Customs Service and due to our busy schedules, we lost touch until in recent times when surprisingly he started calling almost every week . For most of the times, we will discuss early life at Kpatakonto and how life has changed. He will fondly called me Gakubo and I will return with Balogun, and we will laugh over it. This was the last joke we had, until the news of his death filtered in.


Professor Yusuf Dankofa also has this to say of the person of Alh.Dansabe in this glowing tribute:

Just three mouths ago,Ibrahim Danasabe, personal made it to my house to condole me.He could not bear the thought of not coming personally so he said.My late wife was like his mother.He could enter my house as of right and enjoy the privileges available to those very close to the head of the family.That was always thoughtful of him.I have know Ibrahim since 1981 or thereafter.He was probably nine years and he saw in me an elder brother whom he could learn from.As an undergraduate myself,I encouraged him to be studious and he impressed me later in life.He graduated from Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic in Zaria.He left Lokoja his hometown and comfort zone in search of the golden fleece and he got it.Our brotherhood continued in Zaria.He joined the Nigerian Customs and got married thereafter.

He was a regular face in my house.He maintained and sustained a relationship that started 31 years ago which is a testimony to his loyalty to my course.Awe as I fondly call him showed me exceptional support and solidarity.Never a week passes without him calling and any opportunity of being in Kaduna meant he will be my guest.He never got tired of seeing and listening to me.The news of your death was devastating.Just three days ago,you called and we spoke as usual and today you are no more.Life is indeed too ephemeral.You were one of my best friends because in you I found a worthy and dependable junior brother.We met by accident in Lokoja in one of my visits to see my eldest sister who was married there.We were of different stock,yet we bonded easily.That is the way of the world,some become your brother from another mother.Col.Kudu could not hide his tears and he promised giving your daughter the best of fatherly care.I have no doubt in my mind that Col.Kudu is God sent.A good man like you will always have his progeny in the hands of human angels,it is the promise of Allah.

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You were an obedient servant or Allah and you obeyed Allah in virtually all aspect within your human limits.You made friends with the poor and sacrifice for them,these act of charity will no doubt be your companion in the grave.Tears continue to roll down my cheeks,they say good people dont last in this world,I have come to terms with that reality,with my good wife gone and a good brother in you also gone.This is a clarion call unto the living,that our lives continue to get shortened by the day.Sleep in peace my brother,May Allah forgive your imperfections and reward you with aljanna firdaus.My consolation is,you lived for people and die as a man of peace and faith.

May Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him Aljanat firdaus. Amin.

Late Alhaji Danasabe
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Musa Tanimu Nasidi